“How do I make the most impact for the least amount of money spent?”, could be the thought of practically anyone who runs a company or is involved in the marketing of a product or service anywhere in the world. And, there are many people offering answers out there. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to tell what’s the straight story or if you’re being given a spin to get more of your marketing dollar.

When it comes to advertising, the trend seems to have become more about catching the readers’ or viewers’ attention through humor or to hook ‘em with the old stand by – sex appeal. These ads are funny or interesting and people even talk about them but do they sell more products? Not necessarily. They can help the agency or production studio win awards which helps them to land bigger contracts in the future but it’s not necessarily about selling more product for their customers. So, the operating basis is to be more hip with the creative. But what about the customer? Are they selling more products? That’s the true story to professional marketers who are intent on creating expansion for their clients.

Though there are many, many books on the subject of marketing and scores of angles to work in order to get your share of the market place the whole thing can be greatly simplified if one remembers the purpose. The purpose of marketing is to attract interest and to sell something.

“Great!” you’re thinking. How the heck can I be sure I’ll attract interest with the overwhelming amount of advertising and branding and guerilla techniques and viral campaigns, etc., etc. that are all vying for the same attention span of the consumers in the market place?

Well that’s where Creating Outside the Box comes in. However, nowadays, situations have reversed and creating outside the box means actually doing the standard things. Do the things that typically work and get response.

Learn what your target market wants to hear about your product or service by doing valid, one-on-one research. Create promotional materials that incorporate your research and use quality design that has impact and grabs attention while at the same time communicating to potential customers the appropriate message that gets them to reach and buy the product or service your offer.

Promote on a regular basis. "Regular" means more often than every few months. Use direct mail, newsletters, and postcards but get out the word in volume.

Keep on promoting and ensure you do a good job of servicing the reach you develop.

Funny how the box changes and sometimes it gets turned inside out

Ray McKay, President



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