Media City Marketing Group was created in 2004 with the intention of bringing together experts in PR & Marketing in order to help business owners execute marketing campaigns and the daily actions that it takes to expand a business.

Business owners intent on expanding and growing their business need marketing efforts that are simple but effective. They need PR and Marketing campaigns that attract attention and sell what they have to offer. That's a lot different than campaigns that are aimed at attracting attention and winning awards for the agency.

We offer expertise in really finding out how to communicate to YOUR target market. We'll help you discover how your prospective customers want to be communicated to and what they want said that will spur them to buy.

We bring world-class design and expert market know-how together to COMMUNICATE to your audience. The results are amazing.

Our purpose is to make this available to all business owners not just the INC 500.

We assist you to determine the best way to communicate to your market - prospective buyers and develop the campaign and materials, execute the campaign and work with you to modify and expand the campaign as needed over time.

Our design capabilities are world-class and we offer them at competitive rates.

We are knowledgeable about latest tools used to promote such as Mobile marketing, social media campaigns and email marketing.


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